Born with a love for art and an eye for design, Catherine DiSalle is driven by a deep passion to articulate a point of view and an imaginative story. Catherine’s first creative passion was painting followed by expressing her creative vision in metal smithing and casting. She channels her sense of style and ingenuity for elegant design into her classic jewelry line and paintings.

Catherine savors meaningful moments with the ones she loves and captures the preciousness of those memories into soulful jewelry. While on a walk, her youngest son handed her the very precious gift of a twig he had found. Feeling inspired by the pure joy of her child and the twig’s natural beauty and clean lines, Catherine began casting, turning a memory into a precious and unique piece of jewelry. These simple yet profound moments, combined with an innate chic aesthetic, led her to make exceptional hand crafted jewelry for herself, that was soon in demand by those seeking exquisite jewelry with meaning.

Art, architecture, and international travel also inspire Catherine. Whether it’s the white sand beaches of Tulum, the lemon groves of Capri, the famed markets of Istanbul or the vertical cliffs that jut out of the sea in Thailand, she continues to find beauty in the details. These adventures influence the design process of her expressive paintings and are crafted with integrity and insight into timeless jewelry with a modern edge. 

Catherine’s signature style is available whether your seeking an original painting or personal fine jewelry. Catherine’s art and designs are cherished by those who appreciate quality and unique pieces inspired by the heart.